What is the Data Privacy Foundation?

The Data Privacy Foundation is a global knowledge based, “Think-Tank & Brains-Trust” oriented society. It is a collaborative alliance of privacy professionals, working together to harness knowledge for the common good.

α  What

Proactive rather than reactive, every country is able to participate, and to apply one consistent law and framework. It would greatly simplify matters for businesses, service providers and users, and would solve a major issue in the digital age. The collaborative template for a data privacy law can be used by interested parties, and deep analysis of existing laws in other countries can identify the strengths and weaknesses of domestic legislation.

β  Why

We live in a boundary-less world in the digital age. Traditional laws do not work in protecting our data. Rather than a piecemeal approach, with individual countries and regions struggling to define laws in a vain attempt to catch up with fast moving technology, we need a unified law – a framework and a template. Countries can then utilize this template to implement new cyber crime-specific laws and/or to amend their current laws to align with the global standard. We need to move towards one data privacy law for the world, consistently applied across jurisdictions.

γ  How

The Data Privacy Foundation provides a set of tools and technologies for analysis of data privacy laws, for the comparison of laws and frameworks across countries, and examples of use cases. Information is contributed by legal and technical experts, academics, trusted individuals and members of the society. The model privacy law and framework is being developed from an in-depth analysis of current laws and legal aspects of data privacy. Lawyers and technical experts will find these online tools to be trusted and impressive assistants in many areas of data privacy.