Tools & Technologies

Data Privacy Matrix (Comparison Tool)

Deep insight into Data Privacy Laws around the globe.

  • A Tool to provide deep analysis of Data Privacy Laws across countries.
  • 7 Domains and 54 Control Specifications in the Framework.
  • Comparison of Control Domains between countries.
  • Mapping of Legislation and Regulations. Click Here…


World Map of Data Privacy Laws and Bills (Time Series Visualization)

Presentation of the Propagation of Data Privacy Laws in the world as time series.

  • Visualization of Data Privacy Law and Bills per country.
  • Fine Grained details and integration of Data Privacy Laws and Data Privacy Matrix.
  • Integration with data storage around the world and jurisdiction issues Click Here…

Visual Progger

Assists with achieving full control over data and processes in the computing environment.

  • Collects complete information about I/O system calls.
  • Provides comprehensive data set for analysis and pattern identification.
  • Very light software component.
  • Useful in auditing, forensic investigations, and prevention of malicious attacks.

Data Flow Map

Data Flow Map visualises data traffic across jurisdictions.

Identification of data storage centers in the world map will illustrate if data is protected by law or under risk of exposure.

The understanding of risks related with the data storage is critical, and this Map facilitates the identification of solutions to store data safely. Click Here…